Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Skully helmet - offers motorcyclists extra eyes and more

Motorcycle helmets are an essential to safety for motorcyclists but founder and CEO Dr. Marcus Weller of the Skully AR-1 helmet thinks they can offer much more. After being in multiple motorcycle accidents himself he began hunting for a helmet

that could offer him a rear-view camera, HUD directions and GPS – but he just couldn’t find one
skully 1

The AR-1 features a heads-up display just below the right eye that isn’t intrusive on your field of vision. The display can offer a 180 degree view of what’s behind you thanks to the ultra-wide rearview camera – meaning you won’t have to swivel your head and take your eyes off the road to see what’s behind you. The screen can also be used to display directions thanks to a built in GPS antenna. The image appears 10 foot in front of the rider and is said to be in focus regardless of where the driver is looking. They say this automatic infinitely variable focal distance is thanks to a technology they call the Synapse platform. 

There is Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone so not only can you easily make hands-free calls using the voice recognition software, you can also stream your favourite music service such as Pandora. The companion app ensures that the heads-up display is sitting in the optimal condition as no two riders will have the same head and face.

P/S: We in sewa walkie talkie still search the correct combination on how we can provide service to the motorist convoy. Plugin earphone to the helmet maybe the good answar.. :)

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