Monday, 17 November 2014

This laser can project 3-D display in mid-air during daylight


A team of researchers from Japanese firm Aerial Burton have showed off focused pulse lasers with the ability to project a 3-D display in mid-air, even

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Incredible Chemical Reaction GIFs Explained

We encounter thousands of chemical reactions every day: plants use them in photosynthesis, metals rust over time, and combustion reactions provide us with heat and light, among thousands of other daily uses. Chemical reactions occur when reactants transform into new

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Onyx is a 'Star Trek' communicator for the real world

*Beep beep* "Picard to bridge, get us out of here."
Like Dick Tracy's watch, Star Trek's communicator has long been a muse for real-world technology products. The Onyx, a new device from hardware

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thursday, 9 October 2014

This Gun Makes And Fires Paper Airplanes

Sometimes, a person accomplishes something so great, so revolutionary, that all they can do is smile as wide as humanly possible and show off the thing. This paper airplane gun, crafted by a 3-D printing and paper airplane enthusiast, is such a device. Wordlessly, the operator fires a series of paper airplanes. Then, with the top of the device removed, he reveals the assembly line inside the weapon. The gun folds the paper and then shoots it out the end -- at a rate of almost one a second.

Watch this ridiculous coolness below:

Sunday, 28 September 2014

5 strange military weapons you might not know exist

There are many weapons that people have heard about, but there are some that are so strange that they are almost unbelievable and which the majority of people will have never heard of. Here we take a look at 5 of the weirdest military weapons that are the real deal but which are some of the most obscure.

The Bat Bomb
The Bat Bomb was made in the US to be used in World War II against Japan and as the name suggests it contained 40 bats

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Clever Video Editing

Seems like outdated, but the edit is so well made. 

Top 30 Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes and motivational quotes have the power to get us through a bad week, and can even  give us the courage to pursue our life’s dreams. Here are 30 inspirational quotes.

1. Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.
Kevin Kruse

2. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. 
Napoleon Hill

Monday, 22 September 2014

Chemistry Life Hacks

Science has not only given us vaccines, antibiotics, and robots, but also a way to rapidly cooling, perfectly cook a hamburger, and get rid of

Liquid Metal Flows Into Different Forms, T-1000-Style

A team of researchers report that they understand a property of a liquid metal that allows them to manipulate it like the T-1000 from Terminator 2 and even build "scale models" of the violent automaton.

Chemists at North Carolina State University have observed that when they apply an electric charge to a gallium alloy (which is naturally liquid at room temperature) in water, they are able to manipulate its shape.

A Google Glass App That Detects People's Emotions

Sometimes people are hard to read. Why not leave all that work to a computer? Perhaps you could use this experimental app that works in Google Glass. Aim Glass's camera at a person's face and the app reads the human's facial expression and tells you to what extent the person is feeling happy, sad, angry, or surprised.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Friday, 12 September 2014

Interpretative Dance: Creative communication medium.

This video quite old, but it actually show us how people are very creative to deliver the content audience. It is out of the box way communication medium.

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Friday, 5 September 2014

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Skully helmet - offers motorcyclists extra eyes and more

Motorcycle helmets are an essential to safety for motorcyclists but founder and CEO Dr. Marcus Weller of the Skully AR-1 helmet thinks they can offer much more. After being in multiple motorcycle accidents himself he began hunting for a helmet

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Two Year on Mars

This is what happen to the Mars Rovers after two years scouting Mars surface.

Need to click link below in order to see the interactive picture.

Two Year in Mars

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Komunikasi @Majlis Perkahwinan

Majlis perkahwinan yang diadakan selalunya menjadi medan berkumpul sanak saudara & sahabat handai meraikan pengantin baru. Sungguhpun aturcara disusun rapi, akan tetapi selalunya banyak terjadi masalah tersalah komunikasi sekaligus menimbulkan kelewatan dan kekeliruan antara satu pihak kepada pihak yang lain terutamanya AJK majlis. Kami menawarkan pakej menyewa walkie talkie dengan kadar yang berpatutan bagi tujuan melancarkan lagi perhubungan supaya tidak timbul lagi masalah komunikasi. Sila page perkhidmatan kami untuk maklumat lanjut.

Selamat pengantin baru & Tahniah  diucapkan kepada bakal-bakal pengantin. 

Friday, 8 August 2014

5 Fun Physics Phenomena

In his latest video, Derek of Veritasium demonstrated 5 phenomena in physics. How is it possible to find the center of mass on a cane by yourself, but not with the help of a friend? Why can’t you flip a phone cleanly end over end? How do you bend a water using a cup without touching the stream? What makes a tea bag turn into a rocket? Why is your breakfast magnetic?
Check out these demonstrations:


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Monday, 4 August 2014

The 16 Most Expensive Substances in the World

Learn what makes these 16 materials so expensive. You won't believe what people are doing to get their hands on these expensive substances.

#16 Saffron - $11/gram

Saffron has an aroma and flavor which cannot be duplicated, and a chemical make-up which, when understood, helps the chef or home cook to know how to best release that flavor and aroma in cooking and baking. Saffron is sold in two forms, powder and threads, and each behaves very differently in the kitchen.

43Tbps over a single fiber: World’s fastest network would let you download a movie in 0.2 milliseconds

A research group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), which was the first to break the one-terabit barrier in 2009, has today managed to squeeze 43 terabits per second over a single optical fiber with just one laser transmitter. In a more user-friendly unit, 43Tbps is equivalent to a transfer rate of around 5.4 terabytes per second —

Femto Photography - A Trillion Frames Per Second

This video clip blows my mind away. Now we can captured motion of light its self.. 

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5 Things Magicians Knew Before Scientists Did

Magicians are in the business of testing the limits and nature of human perception. It's no surprise, then, that today's cognitive scientists are uncovering features of the mind that magicians have understood (and exploited) for hundreds of years. A close look at some of the many books on conjuring published since the 16th century reveals insights that are only now making their way into the scientific literature.


Sleight-of-hand artists have long used subtle eye movements to manipulate the attention of their audiences. In their 1909 book The Art of Magic,

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Cycloid Optical Illusion Will Boggle Your Mind

The video looks like a wheel made out of eight white circles is rolling around inside of a large, red circle. That’s not what is actually happening, as the video will explain:

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Life Hacks Debunked - Mythbuster

We see lots of tips and advice shared among many on life hack to ease our daily life. Does it really work? Well.. we put their name to the test. 

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Invention Awards 2014: Seal Combat Wounds In 15 Seconds

When bullets or shrapnel strike a soldier, standard first aid calls for stuffing gauze as deep as five inches into a wound and applying pressure. If bleeding hasn’t stopped after three minutes, the old gauze is pulled out—and new gauze shoved in.
There’s room for improvement. Military doctors estimate that, during the most violent years of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, blood loss killed about 90 percent of the wounded that might have otherwise survived with better emergency care. To save more lives, a group of veterans, scientists, and engineers known as RevMedx has created a pocket-sized device called XStat: a faster, more effective way to plug wounds. The polycarbonate syringe slides deep into a wound, such as a bullet track. When a user pushes down on the handle, it deposits dozens of pill-size sponges that expand to stem bleeding. Meanwhile, a substance in the sponges fights infection while clotting blood.

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

7 Scientific Solutions for Annoying Little Problems

Scientists are working to alleviate those maddening, irritating, altogether obnoxious things that can make your everyday life hell. And not a moment too soon!


THE DILEMMA Ever notice when you open a box of granola that the nuts and raisins are on top while smaller riffraff lingers at the bottom, making it all but impossible to eat a well-rounded bowl of cereal? This phenomenon is known as the “Muesli Effect,” and it describes the tendency of different size particles to separate, with the largest paradoxically ending up on top and the smallest down below. It also occurs in bags of mixed nuts,

What Does Sound Look Like?

Interesting education video on how the sound capture in video. This technique used by various fields to study how the motion works.

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10 Space Problems That Were Fixed With Simple Solutions

Sending something into space costs millions of dollars and takes thousands of man hours, in part due to the fact that every eventuality needs to be prepared for—once that thing is in space, there’s very little you can do from Earth if something goes wrong. And yet, time and time again, something does. And time and time again, the lateral thinkers at NASA rise to the occasion.

10. Skylab’s Heat Shield

Skylab was the world’s first space station and it was damaged and the shielding designed to protect the members of this space station was stripped off the aircraft when it was launched. This made the space station useless (it was an unmanned flight), however, the future usage of this space station was becoming impossible since it was exposed to hazardous radiation and a fix was required quickly. The fix came when Jack Kinzler found a small opening and using fish poles, designed a parasol which was used by the repair team when they went to the space station. Surprisingly, it wasn’t deployed the way it was supposed to and yet it was able to block out as much radiation as was possible with the original heat shields.
Very interesting to see this animation on the airplane movement. Who thought the cross having many airplane per hour as this? Maybe next few years on the road our skies will pack with jumbo jet, commercial airline and traffic light.

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Monday, 30 June 2014


Kami di RADCOMM mengucapkan selamat menjalani ibadah puasa kepada seluruh muslimin & muslimat. 

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

A Timeline in the History of Radio

We bring you back to the history of radio communication. Radio communication plays vital role in world war during the time. It changed human history multiple times. Now we take a look on the marking point. 

A Timeline in the History of Radio
Volta Italian physicist known for the invention of the battery
Morse demonstrates telegraphy

Transcontinental telegraph by wire

Bell invents telephone

Edison invents the Edison effect

Note: Edison effect is a emission of electrons from a hot cathode into a vacuum
Hertz produces and detects electric waves
J.J.Thompson discovers the electron
Wireless telegraphy
Radio alternator designed
RF generator invented
American Radio Relay League founded

Superheterodyne receiver invented
Directive shortwave antenna invented
Human features transmitted by television
Pioneers work on radar

One-way police radio communication

Radioastronomy founded by detection of radio waves from the center of our Milky Way galaxy.
Two-way police radio communication
FM invented

Radiotelescope used to find the first discrete radio sources beyond Earth and map the natural radio signals across the Milky Way

Voice of America shortwave broadcasts in English, French, Italian, German
BBC broadcasts coded messages to Fench resistance before D-Day
Astronomers develop radioastronomy
Japan's Emperor announces his country's surrender in his first radio broadcast
First and brightest radio source beyond our galaxy, Cygnus A, discovered
Transistor invented will make small radios commercially feasible

Electronic technology applied to spaceflight
Electromagnetic radiation discovered coming from interstellar hydrogen at a radio wavelength of 21 cm
First amateur radio moonbounced
Beeping radio signal from Sputnik 1, Earth's first artificial satellite

Radio signal from first human-made object to leave Earth, USSR probe Luna 1
Radio signal from first human-made object to reach another world, USSR probe Lunik 2 on the Moon
Radio-photos from first spacecraft to go behind the Moon, USSR probe Lunik 3
The integrated circuit (IC) is introduced

First communication satellite, Echo, launched by US
First radio-photos of Earth weather from orbit

First human communication from space
First amateur radio satellite
Transatlantic reception of television signal via satellite
Radio signal from first human-made object to reach another planet, Mariner 2 at Venus
First female human communication from space
Arecibo radiotelescope

Radio signal from human-made object at Mars, Mariner 4
Human communication from the Moon
Human communication from a space station
Radio signal from human-made object at Jupiter, Pioneer 10
Human communication from a space shuttle
Sony introduces consumer synthesized radio receiver
Radio signal from spacecraft leaving the Solar System, Pioneer 10
Direct broadcast TV
Cellular phones become international business
Radio signal from human-made object at Uranus, Voyager 2
Radio signal from human-made object at Neptune, Voyager 2
World Wide Web
XM Satellite Radio
Internet radio broadcasting
Internet television broadcasting
Digital signal processing receiver introduced
Sirius Satellite Radio
Software Radio chips available
Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) – digital AM radio with FM-quality sound
Podcasting begins 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

VHF vs UHF Head to Head

Dua Frekuensi ini sangat popular di gunakan di dalam dunia radio amatur serta radio dua hala (walkie-talkie).

Kebanyakan orang menganggap teknologi UHF mempunyai  kelebihan jika dibandingkan dengan VHF. Tetapi sangkaan ini adalah tidak tepat kerana perbezaan yang ketara di antara VHF dan UHV adalah dari segi  band frekuensi nya sahaja. Teknologi, prinsip dan teori asas pengoperasian bagi kedua-duanya sama sahaja.  Jadi, apakah perbezaan antara keduanya?

Bermaksud Very High Frequency
Bermaksud Ultra High Frequency
Frekuensi bermula dari 30MHz sehingga 300Mhz
Frekuensi bermula dari 300MHz sehingga 1000 Mhz
Digunakan di dalam penyiaran radio dan TV,  Radio kecemasan, penggunaan komunikasi ketenteraan, komunikasi  trafik udara, radio amatur
Digunakan di dalam penyiaraan TV (Digital), komunikasi satelit, telefon bimbit, telefon tanpa wayar
Bentuk frekuensi :

Bentuk frekuensi :

Disebabkan gelombang frekuensi adalah panjang, jarak penerimaan adalah jauh. Ia nya sangat popular di kalangan radio amatur.
Disebabkan gelombang frekuensi pendek, jarak  penerimaan adalah pendek. Ini menyebabkan ianya tidak sesuai dengan penyiaraan radio & televisyen kerana kos yang sangat tinggi untuk penyediaan peralatan.
Sungguh pun jarak penerimaan yang jauh, ianya tidak effisen di kawasan yang mempunyai kepadatan yang tinggi seperti kawasan bandar, kompleks membeli belah, kawasan hutan kerana gelombang frekuensi sukar untuk menembusi bahan-bahan pejal dan padat
Ianya sangat sesuai digunakan didalam kawasan kepadatan tinggi seperti di pusat membeli belah kerana gelombang frekuensi dapat menembusi bahan2 pejal seperti konkrit, besi, dinding tebal.
Pengunaan antena yang lebih panjang. Secara teori, lebih panjang pengunaan antena adalah lebih baik
Penggunaan antena yang pendek dan secara teori lebih pendek antena adalah lebih baik.
Berbanding UHF, peralatan VHF agak murah kerana kuasa untuk memancarkan transmisi VHF sedikit. In berbalik kepada teori asas gelombang frekuensi VHF yang rendah.
Peralatan UHF agak tinggi berbanding VHF kerana pemancaraan transmisi memerlukan kuasa yang tinggi.

P/S:  Peralatan walkie talkie adalah dinamik kerana ianya boleh memancarkan gelombang VHF  mahupun UHF mengikut keperluan, tetapi hanya satu frekuensi boleh di pancarkan pada satu masa. Sesetengah walkie talkie model mempunyai dual mode dimana ianya boleh memancarkan kedua2 frekuensi.