Wednesday, 25 February 2015

12 shipping containers transformed into homes

Shipping containers are pretty damn sturdy boxes but when they become decommissioned they can be bought as a relatively cheap, versatile and green building resource. The 12 examples below show how shipping containers found new life as homes:
12 Studio H.T

Studio H.T designed a home with two shipping containers flanking a larger common space with the
containers playing home to the bedrooms and the dining, living areas and loft being in the centre space. This is an off-the-grid installation that makes use of solar orientation along with passive heating, pellet stove heating and photovoltaics.

11 Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture

Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture designed a container home in orange with the main focus being on offering views out over the landscape.

10 Arcgency WFH House

Arcgency made the WFH House in China from three shipping containers that were stacked. The containers were used for the frame and they were clad in sustainable bamboo. The container home collects rainwater, has a solar cell green roof, permeable paving and skylights.

9 Lot-EK Mobile Dwelling Unit

Lot-EK designed the Mobile Dwelling Unit with the home being able to travel with the owner. The sub-volumes can be pushed in so that they fill the container when travelling. When in use they are pushed out and offer a living area of 500 square feet.

8 Lot-EK Penthouse

Lot-EK also designed a penthouse of 1,500 square feet in New York and they transformed a mechanical room and added on a bedroom to the roof along with a roof patio. They included a yellow container made from aluminium that was partially deconstructed and this became the open outdoor space.

7 Robertson Design

Robertson Design put three containers together to make a home with a living space of 1,538 square feet. The goal was to make the shipping container home feel like any typical home.

6 Poteet Architects

Poteet Architects are known for reusing existing buildings and they made a 32 square foot guest house using a shipping container. They lined it with bamboo plywood for the flooring and walls while they made the deck from recycled soda bottles.

5 CG Architects Crossbox House

The Crossbox in France was designed by CG Architects with accents of emerald green and was made from two shipping containers cantilevered above two more. They also added a planted roof to the home which has living and dining spaces below and bedrooms above.

4 Container City Cove Park

Container City took shipping containers and turned them into retreats for artists in Cove Park in Scotland. Later they added another six retreats.

3 Adam Kalkin Container House

The Adam Kalkin Container House is made up of three shipping containers in width and two tall with the glass on the sides letting plenty of light in. The home has a floor of concrete along with beams and columns of steel, complete with mahogany closing doors.

2 Estudio Base

Estudio Base designed a simple 40 foot cargo container house in Spain with a porch and awning allowing the owners to make the most of the outdoors when they use it as a summer home.

1 Maziar Behrooz Architecture

Maziar Behrooz Architecture is behind this 840 square foot art studio built next door to the house of the client in the Hamptons. The studio is made of two shipping containers painted dark charcoal so that they blend into the surroundings and woodland.

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