Thursday, 19 March 2015

Guy Found Old Cement Pipes In His Backyard. What He Made With Them Will Amaze You

There are too many rooms in our homes, but we lack that one room sometimes which is meant to be for the storage of additional or extra materials. This guy made a storage room of his own by following simple steps and what he created was beautiful and amazing at the same time.
The guy started off with giant cement pipes
that usually happen to go under roads.
The next step was to dig a hole and place the cemented pipe there with the help of a crane or other construction equipment.

After fixing the pipes at one place, the next step was to fill in the gaps on the right and left of the big cement pipe with mud .
Next, the two pipes were joined together permanently by cement .
The bricks you see at the other end is the wall that has been built at the other end of the cemented pipe.
The construction equipment was brought to take away all the dirt.
To give the bottom of the pipe a touch of floor,  cement was added to the bottom.
He, then, built a stone wall at the opening of the pipe.
The next step was to make arrangements for the front door which could be locked.
With the addition of the most welcoming and colorful door.
So the complete look of this store house was something like…

This is a very effective way of creating an additional room for storing stuff, because all you need are basic materials in the process. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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