Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Annoncement on NUR Alert Through Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS)

Mindful of children reported missing, cellular service providers will be sending out a short messaging service (SMS) to cellular users to obtain prior approval for the acceptance of missing child announcement. Announcements would be made through multimedia messaging service (MMS) which contains the image and identity of the child. The existence of an early warning system for missing children,
which is known as NUR (National Urgent Response) Alert is a government initiative that was started by the Royal Malaysian Police aimed to ensure that every child aged 12 years and below receives protection from exploitation, violence and neglect. 

The NUR Alert will be disseminated with immediate effect to help law enforcement agencies in carrying out investigation and lead to fast arrests. However, cellular users must first choose to accept NUR Alert announcement via SMS to be circulated by respective cellular service providers. No charge will be imposed by service providers for registration and acceptance of MMS-NUR Alert announcement. For further information, please visit SKMM website at www.skmm.gov.my

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