Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to increase communication range for walkie talkies?

Many customers concerned about the walkie talkie communication range. But do you know how to increase walkie talkie communication range effectively? We’ve sorted out solutions as below, let’s study together!

1. Increase the transmit power
Almost all of the walkie-talkie has a high, medium and low three-shift transmit power adjustable. For the walki
e talkie, the transmit power is generally selected between 0.5 ~ 5W; With high power of transmission,  walkie talkie communication range can be extended to 1.4 times of original distance. However, it will increase the power consumption, electromagnetic radiation and increased interferenc.

2. Increase the receiver sensitivity
The receiving sensitivity of the radio has a great influence on the communication distance. For the user, we can adjust the radio’s squelch figure level, to get a better receiver sensitivity. We can also switch to a high-gain antenna to increase the radio receiver sensitivity. For example, for a walkie talkie antenna, the telescopic gain is highest; Generally, the longer the antenna, the ability to receive signals is also stronger. When changing antennas, pay attention on the frequency band antenna (different frequency band antenna is not compatible).

3. Put the antenna position as high as possible
The increase of the antenna height is very effective for expanding the communication distance. Study shows that, The higher you go, the further the signal can be broadcast thus expend your coverage area.

4. the use of urban canyons: 
This is very important, our city is building packs, it is difficult to find a good spread the line of sight, so we have to make good use of the existing environment. The so-called urban canyon refers to both sides of the building-intensive, tall, but the middle road is straight, wide road then the effect of communication is generally better. 


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